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Independent Risk Management Solutions ("IRMS") is a financial risk management consultancy that specialises in providing bespoke financial risk management advice to corporate clients.

Typically our clients are companies with gross assets in excess of €20 million that have borrowed money to fund investment. These companies can be operating businesses (retailers, manufacturers, service providers), investment funds, property developers or high net worth individuals.


We work closely with our clients, making sure that we fully understand their business plan and processes, so that we can provide the very best advice and solutions to their risk management requirements.


We also recognise that business environments are constantly changing and spend a lot of time looking at what risks are emerging on the horizon (be they financial, economic or regulatory) and how our clients could be affected, leaving you free to focus on running your business!



IRMS is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (604563)

Company/VAT number; 8486442/164894368

Registered office: Fir Cottage, Beacon Hill, WIckham Bishops, Essex. CM8 3EA

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